There is a new guy in town – Part 1

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Well, not really a new guy, but a relative new-comer to the vacation market from Charlotte Douglas Airport. Vacation Express has been here a few years and starting in January they have extended services out of Charlotte. I don’t normally advertise for any one company because there are many reasons a certain supplier does not fit your needs, and we want to be sure each trip fits your needs, not the other way around. So, who is Vacation Express?

Technically they are a vacation consolidator for travel agencies. That means they can put together packages that include airfare, transfers, and lodging, all in one package. The primary advantage of consolidating a vacation plan is that all the reservations are tied together so you are dealing with just one company, and all the reservations are intertwined so that they can blend into a seamless trip. They can even include that all-important travel insurance policy into the package. There are many consolidators in this area we can choose from, but Vacation Express offers one BIG difference. They offer charter flights direct to a destination, using tried and true commercial aircraft. I personally have used Vacation Express no less than twenty times in the past five or six years. The airfare portion is lower than published fares by the typical carriers, flights are non-stop, building the air portion is straightforward and honest with no hidden fees once you select your seats and pay for checked baggage.

As of January 2020, they have increased the number of charter flights, and cover the following destinations on Charter Flights:

Cancun from March through August

Jamaica from July through August

Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic from June through August.

The rest of the year they still will consolidate your vacation plans into a package, but using published airfares on other carriers.

How does this all help you plan your vacation? It saves you time planning, gives you convenience flying, and may save you money that you can use to upgrade your experience, or just save. Check back next week for some examples using a June 14 departure for six nights for a family of four to three different four-star resorts in Cancun, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic.

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