Tile Textures Add Dimension

Wood-look tile comes in a range of plank sizes and colors and mimics real wood, with knots, color variations and grain textures to match any home decor.

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Adding texture to your space helps create a specific look and feeling in your home. Accessories in plush fabrics, textured metals or natural-look elements can spice up your regular home decor and add interest to any room. Textured furniture is also on-trend, incorporating smooth metal or rustic wood.

Tiles are keeping up on the texture trend with cool surface textures and patterns. Wood-look tiles are popular, as home owners look to replace scratched wood floors with durable wood-look tiles that come in a variety of colors, textures and sheens to mimic natural wood. A rustic home might incorporate a tile that looks exactly like distressed, hand-scraped wood. Or high-sheen wood plank tiles can match the look of a traditional wood floor. Wood-look tiles come in various plank sizes and should be installed with an eye for natural color variation. For ship-lap walls, textured ship-lap tile evoke the Chip and Joanna Gaines feel. Tile manufacturers have perfected the look of real wood with 3D textures—without the splinters and scratches!

Wood-look tile flooring comes in a variety of textures and colors to mimic the look of wood without the scratches, dents and maintenance/cleaning problems that can come with wood. The sheen and shine in this “wood” foyer will never fade.

For walls, textured tiles create dimension and interest. Large format textures, like waves and grooves, have become popular for dressing up entryways or long hallways. With textured wall tiles, frames and wall decor become a thing of the past, making the visually inspiring with minimum effort.

Backsplashes with textures create fresh looks in the kitchen, like stacked stone, glass and metal, or mirrored and metallic finishes. For trattoria-inspired kitchens, go with stacked stone in a variety of colors to match your decor. For a luxury and trendy look, try dimensional tile in a variety of sizes, like octagon, arabesque or scallop. For a clean, modern coastal look, large format wave-textured tiles can work wonders on a tall and wide backsplash.

For a nature-inspired, rustic look, a stacked stone makes a visually interesting backsplash.

Use Pinterest to create a board of the textured tile looks you love. When you meet with your tile contractor, show your choices and discuss your design preferences so you can be advised on what will work best within your space and budget.

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