Top Five Reasons People Buy or Sell a Home

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Let’s face it.  People move for all kinds of reasons.

Some people get tired of the homes they live in and move every three to five years.

Many experience life events that force them to move to meet a specific need in their lives.

Others, especially Millennials, have been renting or living with parents for several years and have decided it is time to start “adulting” and purchase a home.

There are countless circumstances that explain why people move, but in my experience, here are five of the main reasons people decide to buy or sell a home.

  1. Change in Marital Status. Wedding bells are in the air.  And, unfortunately, divorce papers are being served.  Whether couples are getting together or separating, there is typically a move or two that goes along with the union or dissolution of two people in holy – or civil – matrimony.
  2. Need for More Space. Households change sizes. Children are born, families are combined, people have pets and need a larger yard.  Here in Union County, many people have horses and need space to keep them on their own property instead of boarding them on someone else’s.  Others may operate a home business or desire a larger garage to keep all of their toys.  There are myriad reasons why people need more space, but it is one of the top reasons people move.
  3. Downsizing. Most peoples’ first instinct it to think of empty nesters and senior citizens when it comes to downsizing.  However, with the growing popularity of Minimalism, many younger families and individuals are seeking out smaller homes and fewer possessions.  A recent minimalist client and family of five downsized from 2,500 square feet to 1,200 square feet because it helped them realize their financial goals and it was within walking distance to the children’s school, parks, and restaurants.
  4. Schools. Not everyone is looking for the same thing in schools.  Some want their children to learn from a strong STEM curriculum.  Others seek to maximize their children’s athletic and artistic gifts.  Still others value schools with a diverse student body.  And many move after rezoning to keep their children in their current schools.  No matter the reason, schools play a huge role in many people’s decision to move.
  5. Job Relocation. Why are so many people moving to the Charlotte area?  Along with our desirable climate, growing cultural scene, professional sports, and easy access to the beach and mountains, corporate relocation is at the top of the list.  Still others who already live here decide to move closer to work, or further away from the city for a slower paced life.

Whatever your reason is for making your next move, hire a local real estate professional who knows and cares about the area where you have a house to sell or a home to buy.

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