National Get To Know Your Customer Day

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Did you know?

April 21st is National Get to Know Your Customer Day. Actually, it’s the first Thursday of each quarter, so you don’t have time to plan for next Thursday, you can take these ideas for next time. Or, use them anytime that’s good for your business. Knowing your customers is vital to business success!

There are so many ways to connect with your customers by getting to know them better. We thought it would be helpful to share a few ideas.

Ask Your Customers What They Want

Find out what your customers love about your business, and what you’re missing that they are looking for with a survey.

Ask meaningful questions, and reward their time with a token of appreciation like a gift certificate or discount.

Actively Connect on Social Media

Social media gives you ample opportunities to communicate with your customers. If they leave comments on your social page, make sure to thank them.

Commit to set aside time each week to interact with your customers on social media.

Share Customer Success Stories

Shine the spotlight on customers who’ve had success thanks to your business. Celebrating these events on your website or social media can increase loyalty and strengthen your relationship with customers.

Host a “Customer Day in the Life” Contest

Ask customers to share how they utilize your service or product in their daily lives, highlighting how it helps them or solves a problem. You can share the stories, and have other customers vote on their favorite. Then you can give the winner a prize.

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