Union County Young Volunteers: Jackson Hargett

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In continuing with last month’s series on young volunteers in Union County, North Carolina, we are excited to introduce you to Jackson Hargett of Hargett Electric Company. Like his family’s company, Jackson was born and raised here in Union County. Union County has become a haven for young professionals who are not only excelling in business, but also giving back significantly of their time to various non-profits in the community. Jackson was raised in Wesley Chapel and went to Union Academy before graduating and leaving for Appalachian State University where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree. After school, Jackson returned home to work in continuing to build his family’s company. He now lives with his wife, Nikki, in Monroe.

Jackson has focused his time outside of work and family on his non-profit work, most namely, the Community Shelter of Union County. Jackson currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Shelter and is passionate about working to end hunger and homelessness in our County. With the Community Shelter’s new facility build, Jackson has participated specifically in the electrical work to be completed at the new building, which will allow for a safe and spacious environment for the clients and their families, as well as provide for amenities like computers that clients can use to complete job searches and take classes.

Jackson also participated in building the playground for the Community Shelter at the new facility. This will provide a safe haven for the children who are clients of the shelter during meal times or for overnight stays. Countless hours went into this important work, and it has created an environment that can be enjoyed by children for years to come at the Shelter.

Jackson grew up watching his role models give significantly of their time to non-profits like the Shelter, and he hopes to lead the future generation by example in setting aside his time and efforts to give back to the County that has helped raise him. Jackson has learned countless lessons in his non-profit work, but always comes back to the lesson that the smallest gestures can go a long way to help someone in need. Jackson lives by this lesson and treats his work with non-profits as an opportunity to give his help to anyone who just needs a helping hand.

When Jackson is not busy with his career and with his non-profit work he spends his time doing woodwork, traveling to the Carolina beaches, and going to sporting events. Jackson looks forward to growing his family with his wife, Nikki, and hopes to help create the best Union County possible for the future generations to come.

It is clear that Jackson is just getting started with his gifts to our community. We thank him for all he has done so far, and all he will do to continue to give back in the future.

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