Waxhaw Dog Registration Helps to Keep Your Dog Safe

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Understanding that microchipping is up to the pet owner, many towns and counties across the nation have relied on mandatory pet registration for its citizens to help to keep their beloved pets safe and not accidentally impounded or even worse, euthanized. Unfortunately, Union County does not require pet registration. Fortunately, the Town of Waxhaw does. Sadly, many of its residents do not know about the required registration. Without a microchip or registration, your pet’s chances of coming back home are greatly reduced.  

To help clarify the pet registration requirements for Waxhaw, I have provided a summary below for those new and old to the town.  Please refer to the town’s ordinance for details available in the link at the end of the article.

Within the city limits of the Town of Waxhaw, all dog owners are required to register their pet with Waxhaw Animal Control on an annual basis (July – July).  Cats are no longer required to be registered. The fee for registering a neutered or spayed dog is $15; $20 if not neutered or spayed. Please note that service/trained assistance dogs and dogs that are working members of a law enforcement or public safety agency are exempt from paying the annual registration fee.  Fees from the licensing programs are used to support animal care and control.

The dog must have received a current rabies vaccination by a licensed veterinarian and the owner must be able to provide written proof of rabies at the time of registration.  Written proof will also be required as evidence of the neuter or spay. Registration tags must be kept on a collar or harness at all times, except those specified by the ordinance.  It is not legal to use a registration tag for any dog other than for which the registration tag was issued.

To register your dog, one can simply call the Animal Control Officer Bob West at 704-843-0353 ext. 268 or email him directly at rwest@waxhaw.com.  To read the town ordinance (which also covers other animals such as chickens) and download the dog registration application you may visit http://www.waxhaw.com/128/Animal-Control.

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