What Is a Domain?

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In the internet world-of-things with its endless tech-talk, it is easy to get overwhelmed. One word which often contributes to this feeling is the word domain; as in “Please enter your domain”, or “We need to connect your domain”.

A domain, short for a domain name, is your website name – e.g., triwnews.com – and represents the address under which internet users can reach your website. It consists of a top-level domain⁠—com, org, net, gov⁠—and a second-level domain⁠—your specific name expressed in letters and numbers. In my example, this would be triwnews.

Each domain name is unique. There are no two websites with the same domain name. To ensure that it stays this way, you have to register your domain with a registrar, such as Google Domains or GoDaddy. The process is straightforward and takes only a few minutes.

But why is it a good idea to invest in a domain name?

As a business owner, you have probably spent considerable time and effort to create your brand. Wouldn’t it be beneficial if your brand extended to the internet as well? What about email? You can use your domain name also for your client emails replacing the Gmail-extension.

Whether you think about an online store or a website with your company’s information, I always advise my clients to register a domain name. It builds credibility with your customers, increases brand awareness, helps with search engine rankings, and makes your business look more professional.

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