Delight your audience

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Social media content should fall into two categories of the buyer’s journey, the first one, awareness and the last one, delighting the audience.

Awareness is about your audience finding your brand and learning about what your brand is all about. Delighting your audience is about reminding them about your brand and bringing value to their life.

This is where the eighty/twenty rule comes in for content. Eighty percent of content should be light content or fluff and twenty percent should be sales related.

Keeping an audience delighted not only helps to keep your brand a the top of their mind, but it keeps an open conversation with them, one that’s positive.

When content adds value to an audience’s everyday life, they not only pay more attention to it but they are more likely to share it with others.

How do you know what content will delight your audience and add value? You have to know who your ideal client is. When you know exactly who your ideal client is then you know what they find entertaining and what they find valuable.

Great content is both valuable and entertaining to your ideal client.

What delights your audience?

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