Everything is mobile

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Did you know the vast majority of social media users access the internet and social media through a mobile device?

It’s true. 

Not only are most people using mobile applications daily, but the number and amount of usage is growing. 

Bottom line is, if you’re trying to reach people online, you need to be thinking about how to do it on a mobile device. 

For websites that means responsive design is an absolute necessity. 

For social media, that means thinking about images and the formatting of posts with mobile in mind. 

What looks like a short sentence on a big desktop screen could take up several lines on a phone, even more if the font size is set to large. 

This means messages need to be more concise for mobile users (which is most people now) and images need to be sized so that they fit well on a mobile screen. 

Image sizes can be tricky as each social media platform and app has a different size that works best for it. A quick Google search for best image size for social media will point you in the right direction. 

When in doubt, always check to see how a post looks on your mobile device. 

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