Facebook Group Update

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I could jump for joy right now.

Facebook has finally given us the ability to join a group as a page.

Not sure why this is huge?

This means that if a business or organization wants to share information or even comment in the ever-popular and growing Facebook groups, now it can as the business or organization rather than just from a personal account.

Many people have asked me how to do that over the years and finally I can share how.

When you visit a group and ask to join, if the group has gotten this new feature, you will be asked how you want to join and your options from pages you manage or your personal account will be shown for you to choose from.

If you are already a member of a group and you wish to join as a page, there will be an option to switch how you are interacting to the side (on both mobile or desktop) that says interacting as yourself. Once you have joined a group from a page, you can change how you are posting by clicking there and changing it.

As with all new changes, not every group or page will have this new option right away. If you find that you don’t, just be patient.

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