How To Protect Your Mental Health On Social Media  (Part 5)

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CHARLOTTE – This is part of an ongoing series.

Plan regular digital detoxes. 

Anyone who works with technology knows that shutting down electronics for a bit can solve many issues.

As it turns out, that is true for humans too. We need to take breaks, even fun stuff can become taxing after a while. Social media is no exception.

There is no real substitute for limiting your time on social media and taking regular detoxes from it.

This can look a little different for everyone, and any amount of time you can step away is beneficial, but usually the longer the break, the better for your mental health.

Start with a schedule, chose certain hours that you’ll be screen-free every day if possible, if not every couple of days or weekly.

When you can though, go for a whole weekend or even a whole week without social media.

This does more than keep you from doom scrolling which has a significantly negative effect on your mental health, but it also can help with your attention span.

The more time we spend on social media the shorter our attention span gets.

If you’re taking a break from screens altogether, that can help with your ability to focus your eyes and your sleep schedule as well. Blue light from screens keeps us from feely sleepy in the evenings.

The most important part of taking care of your mental health on social media is to have a plan and to be intentional about your usage.

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