How To Train Your Algorithm (Part 4)

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CHARLOTTE – This is part 4 in a several part series about social media algorithms

Seek out what you like.

Algorithms are always learnings, so while you should take the time to not engage with what you don’t like so you won’t see that kind of content, you should also be sure to seek out content you do like. 

This starts with knowing what you want to see. 

Social media is an active part of our lives and like anything else we do, it should be done with intention. 

When social media is approached with intention, you not only safeguard your time (it’s so easy to fall down a rabbit hole!) but you also help to safeguard your mental health. 

Part of approaching social media with intention is deciding what it is you want to use social media for, and this can vary from platform to platform. 

Facebook generally is a better platform to connect with friends and family, while Instagram is a great platform to use for ideas and inspiration since it’s so visually focused. Twitter moves quickly and is a great platform to get news. 

You can use each platform in a way that serves you. 

Once you have made that identification, go searching for the content you want to see and do this every so often. When you’re searching for something, it lets the algorithm know you’re really interested in that subject and as a result, you’ll see more content related to it and get more suggestions similar to it.

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