How To Train Your Algorithm (Part 6)

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CHARLOTTE – This is part 6 in a several part series about social media algorithms

Know what you want from each social media platform.

Social media is an excellent servant, but a terrible master.

In order to train your algorithm by using any of the techniques mentioned in this series, you must first know what you want from each social media platform you are on.

For example, Twitter moves very quickly and has become a great place for breaking news. It also has a character limit on tweets and doesn’t display comments in such a way that puts the focus on long back and forth conversations.

For me personally, I prefer to get news from Twitter, and I prefer to avoid all news on Facebook as the comments can be a tough read and eat up more of my time than I wish to spend on the news.

By defining which platform I will get news from and why it’s much easier to decide who and what kinds of content I follow and interact with.

I think Instagram is a great place for inspiration since it is so visually driven. I use Facebook to keep up with my community, friends, and family.

You may have similar uses for each platform, or you may use them completely differently. There’s no correct way to use your social media, as long as you are deciding how to use it and not letting the algorithm decide for you.

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