How To Train Your Algorithm

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CHARLOTTE – This is part 3 in a several part series about social media algorithms

It’s all about engagement.

Your news feed on any given social media platform is determined by what type of content you engage with. 

While that means you shouldn’t engage with the content you do not like, it also means you should engage with content that you do like. 

Humans tend to not say anything unless there is a problem and this is why our algorithm can learn to serve us the wrong kind of content. 

When we enjoy a post, we often smile to ourselves and keep scrolling, and maybe give it a like. 

But when we don’t enjoy a post we are likely to comment saying why we don’t like it or disagree with it. Sometimes our own nature is our worst enemy. 

Think of it this way: what you focus on grows. 

It doesn’t matter if that focus is positive or negative, AI doesn’t discern between the two, it is only an algorithm. 

So when you see a post that makes you smile, give it a like, and even a simple comment so your algorithm knows you want to see more like it. 

Another benefit to liking and commenting on content you enjoy is that it will also help that account grow. This is especially helpful for small businesses.

And during a pandemic when many small businesses are struggling, giving their posts a like and comment is a simple and safe way to give them a little boost.

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