Is Social Media Worth the Cost?

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What does social media cost? Is it worth it?

Essentially, social media costs time, and lots of it.

Hiring someone like me to manage social media is more about saving yourself time than anything else. Even when you know all the tips and tricks, nothing replaces sitting down and creating the content, monitoring the account, and interacting with your audience.

While some have a knack for marketing and technology, it’s not secret knowledge, anyone can learn if they want to invest enough time to do so.

But is social media worth it?

I think every organization, brand, and business has the potential to benefit from social media. However, potential and reality aren’t always the same. The benefit is not always what a business owner is looking for either.

Social media is for an organization ready to grow. It’s not a short term solution, but over time social media can and will grow your brand.

This requires many key components, like knowing your audience, being authentic, consistency, and staying on top of new features, best practices, and trends.

When an organization is ready to invest in the resources to bring all of those components to social media, then it is absolutely worth the cost.

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