Join a group!

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If you own or admin a Facebook page, this past week has brought good news for you.

Facebook finally rolled out pages being able to join groups to most users. They did a partial roll-out in the fall and I wrote about it then, but it’s such a big deal, it deserves to be pointed out again.

Why should a page join a group?

Groups are powerful. They put people with shared interests, values or beliefs in one place, making it easy to connect with the exact target audience a page is looking to attract.

Not only that, most people engage in a group more because it is a more intimate environment and tends to foster relationships and meaningful conversations.

One of the best ways to gain reach is to share in a group. However, until pages could join a group, only individuals could do that. Not only is it more professional when a business can “speak” for itself, but it also protects employees and business owners’ personal privacy.

Now, make sure you visit your favorite Facebook group and join as your page. Still have questions? Join me for the next Social Media Happy Hour, 4 to 6 p.m. April 8th at Vintner’s Hill Wine and Espresso Bar.

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