Managing social media during a crisis

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When it rains, we can’t control the rain, all we can do is get out an umbrella.

Managing social media during a crisis is similar.

Doing nothing is unwise, you get washed away with the rain.

However, doing too much does little to change the situation and doesn’t help, you just have to weather the storm.

This is certainly a crisis. COVID-19 is affecting all of our lives. Don’t be afraid to talk about it.

Don’t just get out your umbrella to weather the crisis, be an umbrella for your audience.

Many people are without a paycheck and those who are facing uncertain futures so most will be less likely to spend on anything right now no matter how good the deal may be.

Do not be discouraged. Invest in your audience now, give them value in your content, even if it is just sharing uplifting posts and finding the humor of it all. Pay it forward now and they will repay you when the sun starts shining again.

Take advantage of so much attention focused on social media and really connect with your audience, seek to facilitate conversations in the comments sections rather than simply gain likes. Let everyone know you’re facing the same struggles, uncertainties, and fears.

Given enough time, everything blooms again. Hang in there everyone.

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