Should you join a Facebook group

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Are Facebook groups helpful? Or do they just breed drama?

Honestly, they are both helpful and they can create drama.

Should you join one? That depends.

It depends on the group and what you’re looking to gain from it.

Groups are a forum dedicated to a specific topic or theme. They help people to connect around common interests who might not be on each other’s friend list.

A group can be public and anyone is free to join, they can be closed where an approval is required, but anyone can find the group and ask. Or they can be secret, which means no one can find or get into the group unless invited.

Groups range in interests from hobbies to local news to memberships. Some groups cost money to get into.

People tend to participate in conversation more in a group than other places on Facebook and that’s often because only the people in the group can see those conversations.

Sometimes that’s helpful, sometimes it brings drama.

If you’re looking for information, conversation, current events etc., then join a group you’re interested in and see if it adds value to your life. If not, simply leave the group. No drama required.

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