Should Your Business Advertise On Social Media?

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CHARLOTTE – We all see plenty of ads while scrolling through social media feeds, are those ads effective though?

It depends.

Some types of businesses do better with social media ads, but results vary even by industry depending on a brand’s particular audience. Like all things in marketing, it’s all about where your ideal customer spends their time and if that’s a place that convinces them to buy.

Most audiences are becoming more and more accepting of social media ads and for some brands, the digital ad space is invaluable when it comes to getting new customers.

The best way to determine if your business should explore social media ads is to look at your ideal client, do they spend time on social media? If so, which platforms? And most importantly, do they buy from ads they see on social media?

These aren’t always answers that are easy to find, it can take a lot of research and market analysis. But if you know your customers well, you might know these answers already.

If you determine you want to try running ads on social media, do a couple of test runs first. Create your ad, target your audience, and put a small ad spend on it, maybe $20 and see what happens. Take those results and tweak your ad and try again, do that a few times and if you’re seeing good results, then it’s time to run a campaign with a larger ad spend.

The key is knowing what you want an ad to accomplish for your business and measuring that result.

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