Smart social goals for 2020 Part 1

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Social media is such a large part of our lives. What are some smart personal and professional goals to set for social media this year?

Personal Social Media Goals:

Limit screen time.

No judgment about how much screen time you have here, but make sure you’re not spending more time aimlessly scrolling Facebook than you’d like.

Curate your newsfeeds.

Don’t follow accounts that post content that stresses you out, even if that account belongs to a family member. It seriously can negatively affect your mental health. Social media is not real life, just because you unfollow someone, doesn’t mean you hate them, it just means social media isn’t the best place for you to connect.

Decide what you want to share (and what you don’t).

Defining your boundaries is smart before there’s a personal matter and you need to determine how much you really want to share.

Give social media a role in your life.

Social media is an excellent tool and a terrible master. Take some time to know what you want from your time on social media….is it to connect with friends and family, or to keep up with news, etc. Then go back to curating your newsfeed and do so accordingly.

Read smart social goals for business in next week’s column. 🙂

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