Smart social goals for 2020 Part 2

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Set some smart social media goals for your business in 2020. Here are my recommendations:

Connect with your audience 

Social media is first and foremost a conversation. If you’re shouting about sales and your audience isn’t engaging with you, make an effort to find a way to connect with them that isn’t about sales.

Focus on reach rather than likes 

Likes are likely (see what I did there) to go away in 2020, at least to where they aren’t visible to the public anyway. So worry about how many people you’re reaching, rather than how many likes you’re getting.

Give more than you take 

Stop asking people to click here, or shop now, or call now and give them something. Share a laugh through a meme or a heartwarming story, or a helpful tip. Give them something without asking anything in return and you’ll find they are more willing to click when you ask next time.

Treat social media like you would customer service rather than sales 

Customers often prefer to use social media in lieu of customer service and business owners like to think of social media as a lead generator for sales. You’d never send a sales person to do a customer service job, don’t expect social media to do something it cannot. Yet we all know how important good customer service is to sales. 😉

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