Social Media is a Magnifying Glass

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Does it feel like the world has gone crazy? Like there are so many more bad and crazy things happening now?

You’re not alone. Many people feel like the world is getting to be more dangerous and scary, when in reality, the opposite is happening.

Today we are far safer than we ever have been in human history.

How can that be when it seems like all we hear is bad news?

Today, that is largely due to social media, but the rise of mass communication is how it started.

Bad things aren’t happening simply because we have social media, but rather social media puts a magnifying glass on everything. It’s human nature to be more interested in bad news vs good news.

That’s because remembering a warning might keep you alive. Since the stakes are higher for remembering bad things, our brains prioritize that information.

There are ways social media is changing us as people, however those ways are more closely tied to how we interact with one another, not our behavior.

There’s nothing new under the sun as they say. So be encouraged when it feels like everything is terrible and know that overall, things are pretty good.

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