Social Media Panic

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It seems like everyone is in a panic, but especially on social media.

In other words…where has all of the toilet paper gone?

As the country feels the effects of COVID 19 or the coronavirus, like scarce supplies such as hand sanitizer, water, and toilet paper, talk of the virus has almost completely taken over social media.

The heightened media coverage and public concern are unavoidable. Has social media played a role?

In my opinion, yes. However, that’s not all bad. While some concern is perhaps a little excessive, the power to communicate on social media is unparalleled by any other platform.

Misinformation continues to plague social media and this virus is no exception. However, overall vital messages stressing the importance of handwashing, staying home when possible, and being generally prepared with supplies have reached just about every single person online.

Regardless of how serious this outbreak turns out to be, we now know social media can be a vehicle to help spread important news quickly.

How can you make sure you’re getting the important news but avoiding the panic on social media? Limit your newsfeed. Only follow one news source that you trust.

Following many news sources can result in users seeing the same potentially alarming news story multiple times and this echo chamber effect can make something seem scarier than it really is.

Another way to avoid unnecessary panic and other unpleasant aspects of social media? Limit your time spent on it and your screen time in general, which is also good for your health.

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