Staying Grateful on Social Media

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In what often seems like an era of outrage on social media, how do you keep a grateful heart?

It’s difficult not to find your blood pressure rising as you scroll through your Facebook feed these days. It’s not just your imagination either, studies have shown that increased social media use, especially Instagram, leads to a higher likelihood of depression.

Social media is a tool and like any tool it can be used for harm or for good. There are two great ways to combat the negativity and keep your heart grateful.

The first is to be the light.

Share from your heart. Not only will you be encouraging others and inspiring them to do the same, but you also get a huge happiness boost from sharing something positive.

The second way is to be selective.

If following a certain person, brand or group causes you to get upset more than not, get it out of your feed. Be aggressive in guarding your heart this way. It doesn’t mean you don’t love and support the person, brand or group, it means their content doesn’t add value to your life.

Social media has enhanced our lives in many ways, I am grateful to have it.

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