Take advantage of Google My Business

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Google Plus has been discontinued but Google is still serving businesses through Google My Business.

The best way to manage your business on Google is through their app, called Google My Business. It creates and manages your business listing in Google.

If you have ever searched for a business in Google and in the results found it with it’s location on a map, pictures and reviews in a side bar, pop out style, that’s a Google listing rather than simply a website search result.

You can also publish content for your listing and set an expiration date. For example, you can publish flyers for special events and deals and those will be the pictures that populate with your listing in search results.

An expiration date for that content means no one will think a Christmas special is still running in July.

If you haven’t taken advantage of a Google listing for your business or organization yet, don’t wait. It’s something that takes minutes to set up but has a significant impact on your digital presence.

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