Where in the World is Phil- Part 4

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We could also look up to theSun Deck on deck 15, as well as look straight into the GLASS Elevators toward the stern (rear) of the ship. 80% of the time our balcony was quiet, and a refreshing place for an early cup of coffee from room service, or a late glass of wine from the Gift Bottle delivered to our stateroom. We had made an agreement with Royal, before the actual cruise date, to have all members of our group receive a large, fluffy beach towel or bottle of wine in each cabin. We

also were given a one hour “Happy Hour” in a semi-private bar on board for a cocktail reception.

5:30 pm was our group dining time in the main restaurant on deck four. Of course, 5:30 pm was a little early for some members of our group, and they were provided with “Anytime Dining” selection, meaning they could go to the main dining room anytime and sign up for, or wait for seating. They could also choose to dine in any of 22 other locations on the ship. As it turned out we had so much fun dining together, almost all of us were in the dining room at 5:30 every night to dine, laugh, talk, joke and play pranks together. It was no small fact that our dining room staff was flawless and joined us in all the fun. The food was above average. We dined on lobster, Steak, Caviar, Shrimp, Salmon, and fresh fish daily. Barbara and I had French onion soup 3 out of seven nights. On Lobster night, Barbara boldly told our waiter “bring me 2 lobster tails, lots of butter, and don’t worry about anything else”. I said, “me too”. That is exactly what happened and the Lobster was sooooooo good. One evening we elected to have a special treat and we made reservations at the extra charge Italian restaurant at a table for 4.

The first 2 days were “Get Acquainted On Board” days at sea. Rather than being bored, we actually found we did not have enough time to do everything that was offered. We loved spending time in the Adults Only Solarium Area on deck 16.

We will continue Where in the world is Phil Next week.

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