Who should I hire?

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Hiring an attorney to represent you in your divorce is an extremely important decision for you and your family.  Many people have negative associations when even the word “attorney” is brought up.  The first rule is that you must feel comfortable with the attorney or law firm you hire.   Not only is it an important financial decision, but it is crucial to find someone you trust and respect.  Your attorney will be providing legal advice which includes various options on how to handle your case.  Confidential information is often disclosed, and you may be discussing details about your marriage with your attorney that you haven’t even shared with close friends.  For this reason alone, you need to feel comfortable with the attorney enough to share this intimate information.

If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.  If the attorney tells you everything you want to hear and that your case is a “slam dunk,”  keep looking.  It is impossible to know with 100% accuracy what is going to happen in your case, especially in the beginning when there are documents to review and discovery to be conducted.   Ask questions and make sure you are satisfied with the responses provided.

Think about your goals and expectations. Decide if you want an attorney who is going to fight every single issue big or small, or if the attorney is looking at the big picture to see how to best resolve the case for you and your family.  While being an “aggressive attorney”, or a “bulldog” may be the trait you are looking for in order to  make life miserable for your spouse,  be aware that you will probably make life miserable for yourself as well.  You also want to make sure the attorney has trial experience and is able to deal with complicated issues that often accompany divorce cases.   It is important to talk to an attorney who can analyze both sides of the case, so various options can be discussed before any decisions are made.    While your attorney will guide you and offer advice and suggestions, remember that ultimately you are the one with control over your case and will make the decision whether to settle or go to trial.

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