Your Home as a Natural Expression of You – Part 2

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Spring Cleaning

If you have a newer ceramic tile backsplash or a limited budget, you can replenish what you have with a good spring cleaning. Backsplashes behind the cooktop get the brunt of steam, oil and food splatters. After cooking, spay your backsplash with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe it down with a soft rag or paper towels to help keep it clean and shiny. Homemade cleaners, utilizing dish soap, baking soda and water, also work well and won’t damage surfaces. But over time, backsplash grout can become greasy, dirty or discolored. Getting a professional tile cleaning or regrout can remove difficult stains and refresh and brighten your backsplash. The North American Tile Cleaning Organization provides DIYers with tile cleaning tips at

Color Swap

You can even cost-effectively change the look of your backsplash without changing the tiles, thanks to grout coloring. Tile professionals use special products to change grout from a lighter color to a darker color, depending on the type of grout used. You can try to tackle this project yourself, but it’s important to follow critical steps to make sure the color adheres to the grout.

No matter your desire, budget, or experience level, you can take simple steps this spring to spruce up your home.

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