Tell Me What You WILL Do

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CHARLOTTE – Too often we get in a rut and tell ourselves all the things we can’t do…over and over and over again.  The story we tell ourselves typically starts in one of these ways:  “Well, this is too difficult.”  “I’m not smart enough.”  “I’m not qualified to do this.”

Well, I’m here to tell you that the above statements are false.  They’re lies.  Each and every one of them are simply not true.

You are far more powerful, far more capable, and far more intelligent than you give yourself credit for.  How do I know this?  Simply because there are examples of people all around us who’ve overcome and accomplished more, in similar or even more dire circumstances. If you don’t know anybody like this, then go on the internet and learn the backstories about some of the greatest men and women throughout history.

In other words, stop telling yourself that you can’t and begin giving yourself reasons why you can…and more to the point…why you will.  You aren’t here so you can just live but to be alive!  You’re here to feel the energy life has to offer, to be a difference-maker at home, work, and throughout your community.  You are not here to accomplish a thing or two here-and-there, but to be a consistent, driving force and to excel in this beautiful world.

You are a difference-maker!  You’re one-of-a-kind!  You are limitless in all that you can accomplish.  Know this, feel it, and tell me what you WILL do!

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