20 Years and Going Strong: Cory Fetherson and Ace Hardware

Cory Fetherson of Waxhaw's Ace Hardware (Photo by D.M. Wallace)

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Dedication and loyalty, once the driving forces behind employment relationships, have become rare virtues.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average length of employee tenure is just over four years with any given company while employees aged 25 to 34 tend to last barely half of that time.  One man in the Waxhaw community chose to go against that trend by showing incredible commitment to Waxhaw’s Ace Hardware.

This year Cory Fetherson is celebrating his 20th anniversary as part of the Ace Hardware team.  He said that his time with the company has been absolutely glorious and that he wouldn’t trade his experience here for anything.

Fetherson said that he has stayed because of the people.  He said that his coworkers and customers give him reason to come to work with a smile on his face every day and you can rest assured that the feeling is mutual. Victor Gomez, a coworker of Fetherson, said that many customers come there just to see him.

Fetherson’s dedication to his company is matched only by his passion for life and his love for his family.  He said that he wouldn’t be the man that he is today without his mother, grandmother and his aunt to guide him down the right path.  His brothers, he said, helped him to keep strong even in his hardest times.  Fetherson said that Ace Hardware owner Bob Eggleston treated him like family as well.  “Not one time in 20 years has he ever yelled at or belittled me for anything that I didn’t know or couldn’t do,” Fetherson said.  He credits manager Bobbie Jo Eggleston for teaching him how to do his job and how to do it the right way.  His gratitude toward the Eggleston family for the opportunity that they gave him 20 years ago is incredible and the care with which he treats his customers is reminiscent of a time long past.  Fetherson has no plans to retire anytime soon because, he said, “why stop doing what you love?”

Cory Fetherson is a shining example of what makes a company truly great and his wonderful attitude is one that all should aspire to achieve.  Congratulations on your 20th anniversary and thank you for the joy that you bring each day to Waxhaw and its residents.

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