2022 Hagerty Top Gear Agent Award Goes to Paul Kaperonis

Paul Kaperonis sitting in a ferrari f8

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WAXHAW, NC – The mission of Larry S. Helms & Associates Insurance Services is to present customers and their families with quality insurance solutions through offering a range of exceptional products in the home, auto, business, life, and health insurance industry. It is worth mentioning the acknowledgment of achievement for the company’s Commercial Lines/Life Insurance Producer, Paul Kaperonis, who has surpassed all expectations and has been recently awarded the Hagerty Top Gear Agent for 2022.

Spencer Gates, Paul Kaperonis , Larry Helms , Steven Helms<br /> left to right
Spencer Gates, Paul Kaperonis, Larry Helms, Steven Helms
left to right

The global insurance provider Hagerty Incorporated serves clients concentrating on the classic collectible and high-end automotive market while offering a variety of membership models. Astonishingly, this award only recognizes 20 agency partners out of thousands nationwide.

Kaperonis has represented commendable dedication to ensuring customers are best-suited to Hagerty’s value-added services. After hearing of this significant recognition, he was elated and said, “It was one of my prized moments, aside from convincing my wife to marry me.”

Delving deep into the needs and lifestyles of a client takes a certain level of emotional intelligence to streamline appropriate coverage. Accordingly, the Charlotte native, Kaperonis, believes “It’s not ‘me’ or ‘I,’ it’s we,” as he considers his clients a part of the team and a contribution to the vision. He favors the client relationship and considers the motorsport community as being a part of “one giant family,” understanding that each person he meets their situations are unique to the individual. Therefore, Kaperonis focuses on making each customer service interaction a special one. The goal for him is to remain positive throughout every interaction. He even recommends using “vocabulary feng shui” as a customized and thoughtful greeting to each client.

Paul Kaperonis, Eric Peck, and wife Nancy Peck (Clients) left to right

Kaperonis finds that paying attention to the fine details and the personalization of customer service has allowed him to thrive in this business. It is more than just a job for Paul Kaperonis, as he has been working as an Insurance Producer for over five years. He is passionate about what he does, and it has been the driving force of his success. He finds that the key to recognition in a full commission position is holding oneself 100 percent accountable, working hard, and finding opportunities to do great work. Also, he favors the gained unfettered freedoms and the opportunities he can provide to his family as a top perk.

Naturally, Kaperonis found himself in the car insurance industry as he recalls his “dad was a huge car guy.” Walking a similar path, he found himself inspired by the lessons taught by his late father about work ethic, that “being Greek, customer service is engrained in [us].” Interestingly, Kaperonis’ first insurance policy was written on his dad’s old car, and then the rest was history.

You can find Kaperonis at Union County company events wearing a bowtie, ironed shirt, and smile. Admittingly, he is a vivacious extrovert who loves to meet new people while affirming that “being authentically original” is fundamental.   There is no denying Kaperonis’ passion remains instilled in the foundation of family, clients, and making an impact. His esteemed work ethic and enthusiasm for cars easily make him the most relatable and knowledgeable person in the room.

If you are a car fanatic, have any questions about insurance, or want to discuss random topics, look for the guy wearing a bowtie! Paul Kaperonis can help with all insurance needs and find solutions with Hagerty’s top-quality products and services.  He can be reached at (704) 534-2264 or by email at pkaperonis@larryhelms.com.

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