21st Century Scenery: Unity Lawn and Landscape

Unity Lawn and Landscape owner Duane Johnston and lead designer Mallory McGinnis. Credit: D.M Wallace

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      The Gardens of Versailles have been replanted three times since their inception.  More than 40 years passed between the beginning of the design and the first planting of the garden.

Now, that doesn’t mean that the landscape team of Louis XIV was subpar or disorganized, but it never takes Unity Lawn and Landscape 40 years to complete a landscape or hardscape project.

Much of what sets a modern company like Unity Lawn and Landscape apart from their 17th century French counterparts (besides famine), is the technology available to get the job done.  Much of what sets Unity apart from contemporary competition is their ability to implement this technology.

For a full-service landscaping and hardscaping company, projects can range from simple lawn maintenance to intricate landscape layouts and beyond.  The more complex projects can mean serious investments for home and business owners, this means that clients want to know exactly what they are getting and they want to know that it will be done right.  The expertise of lead designer Mallory McGinnis allows clients this peace of mind.

A 3-D rendering of a hardscape/landscape project by Unity Lawn and Landscape. Credit: Mallory McGinnis

By visiting a client’s project space and carefully listening to their needs and concerns, McGinnis is able to render a digital 3-D model of the project area including buildings and any landscape variations.  Once the model is rendered, Mcginnis begins with the design.  By replicating any proposed addition or change to the customer’s landscape within the model, McGinnis is able to provide clients with a finished view of their project before the first blade of grass is ever cut.

For particularly complicated projects, or when a customer wants a bit more perspective, Unity Lawn and Landscape can provide an even more detailed view of a proposed project.  Through what seems like technical wizardry, McGinnis is able to provide a first person fly-through video of a prospective project that allows a client to see almost exactly what they would see if they were walking around enjoying their finished landscape.

A 3-D rendering of a backyard landscape project completed by Unity Lawn and Landscape. Credit: Mallory McGinnis

McGinnis isn’t the only great mind at work within Unity Lawn and Landscape.  The locally owned an operated company is the entrepreneurial brain-child of owner Duane Johnston.  Prior to 2017, Johnston’s lawn company was small and served relatively few clients.  In November of 2017 Johnston decided that decades of experience could be better applied at a larger scale.

In order to expand his company into the full service operation that it is today, Johnston purchased two additional landscaping companies (Daryl’s Lawn Service of Waxhaw and Michael’s Lawn and Landscape of Indian Trail).  This purchase connected Johnston with the client base and workforce necessary to serve and beautify the Union County and Mecklenburg County communities in a way that wasn’t possible on a smaller scale.

Part of the Unity Lawn and Landscape fleet. Credit: D.M. Wallace

In addition to being locally owned and operated, Unity Lawn and Landscape is licensed bonded and insured to protect you and your property from any accidental damage.  Unity also uses E-Verify to ensure that all employees are eligible for work in the US.

From lawn maintenance and planting to patio design, deck building and fencing, Unity Lawn and Landscape stays true to their motto: “Anything outdoors, we can do for you”.

Unity Lawn and Landscape Logo

For any questions that you may have or for a free consultation, please call Mallory at (704) 740-2026 or visit www.unitylawns.com

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