40 Years of Industry Expertise and Referrals Give Gerald Freeman Plumbing Service A Real Edge

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There’s something to be said for a small business that stays small, albeit trustworthy and consistent, year after year.  For local plumber Gerald Freeman, this niche is his bread and butter, and he couldn’t be more content about it!

Starting Gerald Freeman Plumbing Service back in 1992, after having worked 12 years prior in the business, Freeman’s 40 years of expertise is nothing to slouch about.  And while he’s ebbed and flowed over the years with the economy and having a team of employees, he’s quite comfortable as a one-man-operation at this point in his storied career.

“It’s been a lot of hard work and persistence.  I’ve managed to keep plenty of work and there’s always new work to be done,” says Freeman.

Continuing growth in the Tri-W, coupled with repairing the inner-workings of older Union County keep business steady.  According to Freeman, Union County’s rural areas are just beginning to gain access to county water, which is a welcome change, due to the high volume of minerals that currently exist in its well water. He has the equipment to build water lines via a ditch witch and back hoe, thereby connecting subpar wells to county water.

In addition to upgrading the water source for many residents, Freeman is often procured to install and repair water heaters, upgrade fixtures with outdated finishes, install better flushing and load consumption toilets, and generally, facilitate the “green movement” to streamline water use in a most efficient and environmentally-conscious manner.

One of Freeman’s most popular requests is from elderly customers, requesting the installation of “comfort-height” toilets, or tall toilets, to make getting up and down easier.

Freeman credits his longevity in the business to a commitment to a job-well-done, and the resulting word-of-mouth.  After all, happy customers make repeat customers!  And it’s his personalized service that makes him a stand-out among the competition.

“I’ve had satisfaction knowing that I’ve made a lot of people happy, and they recommend me to the next client,” acknowledges Freeman.  “As a small business, I have a boatload of references, I’ve been fortunate in that way.”

So too have his clients.

To schedule a repair, contact Gerald Freeman Plumbing Services at (Office) 704-764-7716 or (Cell) 704-634-2895.

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