A Great Prom Proposal Leads to a Sweet Prom Surprise

Maite Figuroa and Joe Michelini with the Dunkin' mascot and their awesome ride to prom (Photo: Drew Porcello)

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A creative prom proposal has caught the attention of Dunkin’ and the Waxhaw community as Cuthbertson High’s Joseph Michelini asked Maite Figuroa to prom using Dunkin’s massive street side sign.  A Dunkin’ based invite from Figuroa to Michelini for last year’s Sadie Hawkins Dance served as the inspiration for this year’s prom invitation.  Michelini convinced the staff to put the message on the sign and Dunkin’ was so impressed that they decided to treat Michelini and Figuroa to the full prom package.

Dunkin’ surprised the couple with a pre-prom party, loads of goodies and a sweet ride to prom in a fully loaded Dunkin’ limousine shuttle.  The limo came stocked with Dunkin’s signature coffee and espresso, donut bouquets and loads of party favors.

Carving out time with each other is rare for Figuroa and Michelini as both are full-time students who work part-time jobs after school and Dunkin’ is proud to help make their special night even sweeter.

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