A Sense of Peace

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The quiet simplicity of hanging clothes out to dry can bring such a sense of peace.

With the warm sun on my back, the trill of birds and the lowing of cattle from the field behind our house, I can’t help but feel grateful.

Did you know that the sun is not only good for your health, but it is also a wonder at getting stains out and making your whites whiter? I have a few towels hanging on the line that my boys took to camp that are dirt stained. I guarantee when I take them off later, they will be white as snow. Slipping into a freshly made bed with sheets dried by the country air will make for a sweet, restful sleep tonight.

If you don’t have a clothesline, laying your sheets out to dry on your back porch will work just fine. I have a feeling after you sleep on sheets or smell a towel that has been dried the old fashioned way, you will want to utilize your clothesline more often.

That’s the news from the homestead, see you next week!

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