A Touching Ribbon-Cutting in the Rain: Henn Automotive Celebrates 20 Years

Mike and Susan Henn with the giant scissors at the 20th anniversary Ribbon Cutting at Henn Automotive (Photo: D. M. Wallace)

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The Henn Automotive team has celebrated 20 years of dedicated service to the Waxhaw community with a ceremonial ribbon cutting and cook-out hosted by O’Reilly Auto Parts and the Union County Chamber of Commerce.

Mayor Stephen Maher and UCOC president Pat Kahle look on as Mike and Susan Henn thank the community. (Photo: D. M. Wallace)

Members of the Waxhaw community looked on with pride and listened intently as moving speeches about Henn and its role in Waxhaw were given by Henn Automotive Owners Mike and Susan Henn, Waxhaw Mayor Stephen Maher and Union County Chamber President Pat Kahle.

The Henn Automotive Family (Photo: D. M. Wallace)

Mayor Maher made a point to thank Henn Automotive and its staff for 20 years of exemplifying the attitudes and business practices that make Waxhaw so great.  He thanked them for the employment and training that they have brought and will bring to generations of Waxhaw residents.

Mike Henn was nearly moved to tears as he spoke to the crowd and recounted the years that led him to where he is today.  He thanked the community, his staff, his parents, his in-laws and especially his customers for the role that they played in shaping him and his business.  The crowd erupted into applause as the speeches wrapped up and the Henn staff prepared for the 20th anniversary ribbon cutting.

Some of the great food at the Henn Automotive 20th anniversary ribbon cutting (Photo: D. M. Wallace)

As soon as the ribbon was cut and the pictures were taken, attendees of the event began to enjoy the hotdogs and hamburgers provided by O’Reilly Auto Parts as they discussed their fond memories of their experiences at Henn.

The White Whale, a 1996 Buick Roadmaster serviced exclusively by Henn Automotive. (Photo: D. M. Wallace)

Ambrose Brennan, owner of The White Whale, a 1996 Buick RoadMaster, said that Henn Automotive is the only shop that has laid hands on The Whale since he purchased it over 10 years ago.  He said that “She’s ornery now and needs more attention than ever.”  Brennan said that Henn is the only place that he trusts to give The White Whale the attention that she needs.  A US Marine at a U-Haul store sent Brennan to Henn Automotive as soon as he moved here in 2008 and he has returned loyally ever since.

Ambrose Brennan stands with The White Whale at Henn Automotive’s 20 year ribbon cutting (Photo: D. M. Wallace)

Bob Henn, father of Mike Henn, was in attendance to show support for his son. He spoke to how proud he and his wife, Dolores are of what his son has made for himself.  He said that his son’s passion for his business and his commitment to treating everyone with respect helped him to make Henn Automotive what it is today, a much loved and respected cornerstone of Waxhaw.

Bob Henn works the crowd at the Henn Automotive 20 year ribbon cutting with son, Mike (left) and Chamber president Pat Kahle (right) (Photo: D. M. Wallace)

A special thanks goes out from the Henn Automotive family to O’Reilly Auto Parts, The Union County Chamber of Commerce, The Town of Waxhaw and all of Henn Automotive’s wonderful partnerships and customers.

The sign on The White Whale,thanking Henn Automotive (Photo: D. M. Wallace)

For more information or to get your car running like The White Whale, give Henn Automotive a call at 704-243-2540 or visit www.hennauto.com today

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