ARCpoint Labs of Monroe Wadesboro now open

Reception area at ARCpoint Labs

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ARCpoint Labs of Monroe-Wadesboro is pleased to announce its grand opening!

Open as of April 2, the independently-owned, woman-owned and minority-owned operation is a franchised location of one of the nation’s leading providers of drug, alcohol and DNA testing, background screening and wellness services.

Phlebotomy services

One important segment of ARCpoint Labs’ business focuses on helping employers keep their workplaces safe through injury prevention screenings and drug testing.  ARCpoint Labs provides all types of drug screenings for employers, pre-employment background screening services, and even ongoing health and wellness services for employees.  ARCpoint labs also provides comprehensive DOT testing for organizations regulated by the Department of Transportation.

While alcohol and drug testing services form the backbone of the national franchise, local franchise owner Dr. Tene Osahar sees ARCpoint Labs of Monroe-Wadesboro as so much more.  Through their partnerships with a number of labs, ARCpoint offers over ten thousand tests you can have completed without a doctor’s order. Osahar describes her business as a “one stop shop” for all types of testing.  For individuals, ARCpoint Labs offers everything from prenatal gender and paternity testing to micronutrient testing.

Exam room

Osahar brings her unique background in emergency medicine to bear on her work at ARCpoint Labs.  A board-certified ER physician, Osahar has worked everywhere from a level 1 trauma center to small rural hospitals.  After gaining exposure to the world of occupational health through her work with Concentra, Osahar saw in ARCpoint Labs an opportunity to remain on the periphery of the healthcare field while also owning her own business.

“I see it as an expansion of what I was doing before, not a departure,” says Osahar.  “One of the things I loved about the ER was I got to treat everybody. In some ways it’s just like emergency medicine.  There’s nobody we don’t help.” For Osahar, ARCpoint Labs offers her the opportunity to look at health care through a different lens.

Osahar doesn’t treat patients at ARCpoint labs, but she feels the testing facility can fill a void in the current medical landscape.  Osahar advises everyone to have a primary care physician, but recognizes that sometimes circumstances are such that people don’t have a primary care doctor.  Perhaps they’re fearful or have had a bad experience at the doctor, perhaps they’re provider isn’t supportive in testing or diagnosis, or perhaps they work with an alternative or holistic doctor.  

“I think everyone at some times has concerns about their health,” says Osahar.  “If for some reason the vehicle you’re using for your healthcare isn’t meeting your needs, we do have this resource here.  Healthcare in general is in a lot of transition,” she continues. “I think as things move forward in the world of health care, things like this will become more common.”

Potential customers may be surprised to learn that ARCpoint Labs can help the common person learn about their health oftentimes for a lower cost than insurance can offer.  Although certain genetic tests can cost thousands of dollars, a simple urine analysis can be as low as $15.


“Definitely come check us out, even if you’re not decided on testing,” encourages Osahar.  “You can walk in and ask questions.” ARCpoint Labs of Monroe-Wadesboro is open 8:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday and by appointment Saturday and Sunday.  Walk-in clients are always welcome. ARCpoint Labs is located at 2242 W. Roosevelt Blvd Suite E, in Monroe.

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