ART@MUSEUM brings kids and crafts together

Kids gather around the Kona Ice Truck to flavor their Kona Ices.

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From 10 am until 3 pm on Saturday, September 22, the Museum of the Waxhaws hosted ART@MUSEUM.  This event, organized by Shannon Scott, the volunteer gardener at the Museum, brought kids and crafters together for community wide fun.  Targeted towards children ages 5 to 15, ART@MUSEUM was hosted across the grounds of the Museum with 10 arts and crafts venues featuring artists such as Queen Bee City Farm painting bee hives, other artists working with weaving with natural products, painting with fruits and vegetables, and many more.  Special thanks to sponsors: Weddington Physical Therapy and Wellness, Harris Teeter at Weddington Corners, Succession Solutions, Inc, Winthrop University, South Main BBQ, Kona Ice, and Samantha Peppard who cleaned out her art closet for ART@MUSEUM.

Kids gather around the Kona Ice Truck to flavor their Kona Ices.
Wesley, from Waxhaw, paints a birdhouse during ART@MUSEUM at the Museum of the Waxhaws. He came with his Grandma and he says the days activities are exciting and fun.
A volunteer talks to Michael about how to make a “seed bomb” with recycled toilet paper tubes and local seeds.
Alex paints a bee hive box with Queen City Bee for their honey bees in Monroe, NC.
The Hoffman family works together to create their own woven masterpieces. Dustin Hoffman was also reading some of his short stories later in the day at the ART@MUSEUM.
Ryan Opgenorth works on a Union loom circa 1942, owned by him and his mom. He is making a rag rug out of old bed sheets.
Asher, from Wilmington, NC, is visiting his Nonni and Grandpa in Waxhaw. He is creating a picture using paint and vegetables. Nonni Nancy wanted to show him the arrowheads and they were happy to find all of the fun activities at ART@MUSEUM.
Patty Proctor, front, shows how to make a journey stick, a native or fur trapper tool to map your journey.
Andrew Butler and Jason Butler, from Wesley Chapel, work on creating their own journey sticks at the Museum of the Waxhaws ART@MUSEUM
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