Athletics, Adventure and a Spirit of Dedication: Jeff Gaura and Threshold Academy

Jeff Gaura running for TeamUSA

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As an accomplished cyclist and runner, Jeff Gaura, founder of Threshold Academy, knows what it takes to compete at a serious level. As a competitive endurance racer, Gaura performs at the highest level as part of TeamUSA in the sport of duathlon.

Jeff Gaura Cycling for TeamUSA

Gaura is, however, much more than an athlete. He is an adventure traveler, the founder of the Nepal Project, which focuses on building schools and developing educational systems in the Dang Valley of Nepal and he is also a high-level athletic coach.

His personal goals as a practicing athlete means that he is not only coaching you, but performing the same activities that you are as well as training for and competing in the highest level of event that he can, something that he hopes that his students are doing as well.

Threshold Academy offers three different coaching experiences, none of which are for the faint of heart. One of the services offered is a one-time coaching experience, where previous efforts are reviewed and a race-ready training plan is created. Race week prep is reviewed and nutrition, hydration and electrolyte strategies are implemented. Race schedules are reviewed to make sure that an adequate training load is followed to allow athletes to achieve desired goals.

The next, more in-depth, coaching option is on a monthly schedule where Gaura will create the same rigorous training schedule and monitor progress throughout your training journey.

Jeff Gaura and an Immersion Experience team

The third option is the Immersion Experience where you and yours spend three consecutive nights in the Gaura’s home where athletes and partners will participate in multiple structured experiences led by hand picked experts in the athlete’s field.

Jeff Gaura with wife and Threshold Academy co-founder Linda Gaura

Once goals and fitness levels are established, Threshold Academy will establish a personalized training schedule and Linda Gaura will begin a different kind of training with athletes and partners in the skills necessary for maintaining healthy and long-lasting relationships in the demanding lives of families of high-level athletes. Structured experiences in the Immersion Program are completely customized as only one athlete will participate during any given training session.

Jeff Gaura and his family

Outside of coaching, Threshold Academy offers an exciting array of adventure travel experiences. Some of these adventures include: Himalayan trekking among the world’s tallest mountains, cycling tours to ride and explore different parts of the world, canoeing in Canada through the Quetico Provincial Park and rafting through Western Alaska down a remote tributary of the Kuskokwim River. All of these are journeys that you won’t soon forget.

A river rafting experience

Jeff Gaura and Threshold Academy are excited to announce that they have openings for three serious and dedicated athletes to join the ranks of many that have reaped the benefits of the academy’s training. If you are one of these athletes and you are ready to begin your Threshold Academy experience, contact Jeff Gaura by phone at 704-941-5260 or by email at

Trails in the Himalayas

Jeff is also the creator of the endlessly interesting “Thoughts in Training” blog and is soon to launch a Threshold Academy podcast. Visit for more information.

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