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Charlotte, NC – Not sure what School Picture Day will look like this year.  Will the schools allow the “Picture People” in schools to capture and preserve this year’s memories?

It may be difficult in so many ways to celebrate the milestone of your child in his/her grade this year as Virtual Learning continues indefinitely.  Year after year, these photographs have captured an authentic view of your child, showing their preschool and K-12 journey.

How will this year’s journey look for them? This remains to be seen as they embark on a truly historical school year.

You may take your chances with schools having a School Picture Day this year, or you can take advantage of my clean, disinfected local studio mandating all of the NC state recommendations for preventive measures of COVID19.  I am offering special School Picture Day pricing appointments at my studio, Photographic Elegance.  Call now to reserve your personal session; 704-598-9099.  (Look for my Ad for details) Either way, know the importance of documenting this school year in your child’s life.  I’ve listed some Camera Day Tips;

Good photographers should quickly check that hair and clothing are properly in place, but with time constraints on scheduling and now, in observance of social distancing, the teachers nor the photographer may be able to help fix clothing and hair.

Photographic Elegance
Photographic Elegance

Comfort rules: When picking an outfit, think cute, comfortable, and seasonally appropriate. Clean and pressed clothing goes a long way. The photographer cannot hide wrinkles. Pick colors that complement your child’s skin tone. Stay away from white clothing. I recommend clothing with tasteful embellishments over distracting logos, brand names, and iconic characters.

Hair tips: The more self-sustaining (a hairstyle), the better.  I advise against getting a haircut the day before; aim for a week prior. Also, keep hair off your child’s face. Watch large bows… sometimes they become more of an eyesore.

Makeup doesn’t necessarily enhance a young face. If your child has blemishes, scrapes or stitches, check with the photography company to see if retouching is an option.

Lunch tips: Pay attention to what you pack in your child’s lunch. Stay away from Cheetos, Kool-Aid, fruit juice, and any other food or drink that may stain skin and/or clothing.

Glasses: Leave them on if he/she wears them all the time. Most photographers can work around reflections. However, you may ask about retouching services.

Photographic Elegance
Photographic Elegance

In my thirty years of taking school photographs, my saddest memories were those of children who had missing teeth or braces that wouldn’t smile. When asked, “Why aren’t you showing me that pretty smile?” They would reply, “My mom told me not to smile, I have missing teeth” or “I have braces”. School pictures are a historical image of the way the child is at any given age. Parents, embrace the missing teeth and braces stage. A toothless grin is so much better to look back on and reminisce then a blank expression.

Remind your child that these pictures are to be given to loved ones and that they will be displayed in your home. Ask them to try their best to smile comfortably but don’t put pressure on them. A good photographer is going to be able to connect with the child and capture his/her sweet personality.

Happy Successful Picture Day!!!

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