Bike Depot Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Bike Depot is located at 122 West North Main Street Waxhaw, North Carolina 28173.

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WAXHAW, NC – When Alan “Teelo” Teeling, Owner of Bike Depot, moved to the Charlotte area in the 1980s, he brought his love of bicycles and cycling with him.  He so adored Waxhaw’s back roads and beautiful scenery that were so conducive to cycling that he decided to open his own bike shop.  Opened on March 30, 2010, Bike Depot celebrated its 10-year anniversary amid the growing Coronavirus Pandemic.  It was not the big celebration he had been planning but as an “essential business”, Teelo has been helping stir-crazy residents a chance to get outside safely.

Bikes are in stock and ready to roll at Waxhaw's Bike Depot
Bikes are in stock and ready to roll at Waxhaw’s Bike Depot!

The pandemic has introduced a lot of new riders to the streets.  Following recommendations to stay at home and with parks and trails closed, cycling has become a new outlet to get outside and get some exercise.  Teelo has seen an increase in bike sales and services as more people are looking to cycling to help stay healthy.  He has run into some supply chain issues with keeping bikes in stock but has some available now. Ideally, he hopes that everyone who turned to bike riding during the pandemic will continue riding after everything has cleared up.

Growing up, Teelo’s father ran a small motor repair shop and after his father retired, he opened a bicycle shop.  Teelo worked with his siblings in his dad’s store and started racing when he was nine years old.  While he doesn’t race as much anymore, Teelo and Bike Depot have organized many rides through Waxhaw in the last ten years.  Their popular Saturday morning rides used to easily have 75 riders cruising around Waxhaw’s back roads.  Now with North Carolina entering Phase 2 of re-opening, he hopes to see these rides pick back up.

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Teelo did share some recommendations for riders, old and new.  First, make sure to always wear a helmet that has been approved for bicycle use.  Also, don’t forget to replace it every few years or after any major fall.  Even if you don’t “see” anything wrong with the helmet after a fall, it may not protect you in the future if it has been compromised.  Secondly, before you ride, make sure you eat well and are fully hydrated.  Cycling is hard work and you need the calories and hydration to make sure you are cycling at your best.  Third, make sure to carry an emergency flat repair kit.  These kits are small and can fit in a saddle (seat) bag and contain everything you need to fix a tire.  You don’t want to be caught miles from town with a flat!  And finally, pick a good time to ride.  Do not ride during rush hour or when schools are letting out.  There are plenty of amazing roads to journey down and it makes sense to do it when there are fewer vehicles on the road.

As we move into summer, now is a great time to start riding and Bike Depot can assist you with repairing your current bike or help you find a new bike.  They also carry all the safety gear and supplies that you will need to bike safely and with confidence.  Stop by Bike Depot to congratulate them on their ten-year anniversary and to get your bike ready to roll.

Bike Depot – Open Tuesday to Saturday 10 am until 5:30 pm – 122 West North Main Street, Waxhaw, North Carolina 28173 – (704) 256-4126

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