Club Pilates Waxhaw: A Life Changing Community

Art and Yuri Wrightson, owners of Club Pilates Waxhaw, a life-changing community!

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WAXHAW, NC – When Art and Yuri Wrightson, owners of Club Pilates Waxhaw, walked into a Club Pilates studio for the first time, they didn’t know how much it would change their lives. Pilates positively affected their mobility and flexibility so much that they felt they had to share their new passion with others. Club Pilates Waxhaw opened to rave reviews back in February and has been going strong ever since. When you walk into the bright, welcoming studio, you’re not just entering a club; you’re joining a community. Every client is treated with kindness, respect, and compassion by a team of attentive and highly trained instructors. Whether you’re new to Pilates or you’ve been practicing for years, Club Pilates Waxhaw is the place to be!

Art and Yuri Wrightson with Yuri's parents at the Grand Opening of Club Pilates Waxhaw.
Art and Yuri Wrightson with Yuri’s parents at the Grand Opening of Club Pilates Waxhaw.

One of the beautiful things about Pilates is that it can be practiced at any age. It strengthens your body and increases your mobility and flexibility to allow you to live your life to the fullest. At Club Pilates Waxhaw, the customers range from younger adults who want to be fit to seniors who wish to keep up with their grandchildren. The instructors are with you, guiding you the entire time and ensuring that you are practicing correctly and safely. In addition to the pilates equipment, clients also use toe grip socks to practice confidently. In addition, the club provides a changing room and private training rooms for those that want individualized instruction.

The instructors at Club Pilates Waxhaw work closely with their clients, getting to know them personally and understanding their fitness goals to design the best and most effective pilates sessions. Enrolling at Club Pilates Waxhaw is not just a chance for a membership; it is a genuine choice to make a lifestyle change. When you join Club Pilates Waxhaw, you are not just joining a gym; you are joining a life-changing community.

The instructors at Club Pilates Waxhaw undergo an intensive 500-hour training course that includes information about conditions such as osteoporosis, anatomy and physiology, and modifications to all exercises based on each client’s specific needs. In addition, instructors ask about any injuries or conditions at the beginning of class to ensure that they provide each client with the best possible workout for their body.

Both Art and Yuri Wrightson have the utmost confidence in their instructors and their comprehensive training and certification. Continuing education is a priority, and instructors must keep up with credentials and be knowledgeable of changes in the field. Both Mr. and Mrs. Wrightson believe in the power of community and are regularly involved in ongoing charitable events. They recently donated a month of free classes to the Union County Education Foundation. For Teacher Appreciation Day, they presented some memberships and gift cards for classes to local teachers. They are regular contributors to Union County School fundraisers as well. In addition, Club Pilates Waxhaw offers a 10% discount to all American Heroes (first responders and teachers).

New members are always welcome and receive a free tour and introductory class. In addition, when you sign up for membership, you receive a New Member Bundle that includes all of the gear you need at a deep discount, toe grip socks, a bag, t-shirt, and water bottle.

Art and Yuri Wrightson would like to welcome all residents to the community at Club Pilates Waxhaw. For more information, please visit their website at The gym is located at 8163 Kensington Ave, Suite A, Waxhaw. They can be reached via telephone at (704) 627-8100. In addition, please follow their journey on social media with Facebook at “Club Pilates Waxhaw” and on Instagram @clubpilateswaxhaw.

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