Costello Real Estate & Investments teaming up to improve your home buying success

Jimmy Grappone Realtor® with Costello Real Estate & Investments poses with his wife, Lauren Grappone. (Photo Courtesy of Jimmy Grappone)

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Jimmy Grappone, Realtor® with Costello Real Estate & Investments, poses with his wife, Lauren Grappone. (Photo Courtesy of Jimmy Grappone)

Micheal Curtis, Home Loan Officer with Movement Bank, and his wife, Jennica, with their 2 kids. (Photo Courtesy of Michael Curtis)

Costello Real Estate & Investments’ Realtor®, Jimmy Grappone, and Movement Mortgage’s Michael Curtis have teamed up to bring you a more streamlined way to buy and sell your home.

Jimmy Grappone, Realtor® with Costello Real Estate & Investments

“I am a local real estate agent specializing in residential property sales in Waxhaw, NC and the surrounding areas, both in North and South Carolina.  I am I assigned to Costello’s Fort Mill location but I spend most of my time working in Indian Land and Waxhaw.”  Explains Grappone.  He moved to the Charlotte area in 2006 and has been a licensed Realtor® for the last 6 years.  He has worked hard to become involved locally with the Waxhaw Business Association and other events.  He and his wife, Lauren, have a rescue dog which was the part of the inspiration for him to create Pups’N’Pints, an annual dog rescue charity fundraiser held in downtown Waxhaw.

Grappone has seen a lot of changes since he got into the game.  “Some of the biggest recent changes have come from the entry of iBuyers into the Charlotte market. They’ve contributed to our limited supply of available homes by encouraging sellers to wait until they find the home they want to buy before selling theirs. They promise simplicity and taking the traditional home selling process out of the equation, but many homeowners are hurting themselves by selling to these companies and earning much less for their home than they would on the open market. Fortunately, there are more tools than ever available to Realtors® to provide clients with nontraditional solutions to match their needs without sacrificing financially and still receiving the expert guidance and protection that come from working with an experienced professional.”

Michael Curtis, Home Loan Officer with Movement Bank

Curtis is a Home Loan Officer who provides lending options and programs including: Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, down payment assistance/first time homebuyer programs, and investor programs just to name a few.  He has been in the Charlotte Area for 20 years and has now settled down in the Ft Mill area with his family including his son, daughter, and his wife, Jennica.

Curtis served as a Military Flight Medic for six years with the US Air Force.  During his service, he was deployed all over the globe including the Middle East and Southeast Asia.  When he finished his service, he felt called to continue helping people and he did that by working in the Advanced Wound Care department of Charlotte Health System (formerly Atrium Health).  Adding value to the community has always been one of Curtis’s guiding principles, so when he had several friends who recommended a move to finance, he looked for a way to continue helping and found his path with Movement Mortgage five years ago.  “As a veteran I find a special appreciation for continuing to serve my community through meeting peoples lending needs.”

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Grappone and Curtis are both part of Costello – Real Estate & Investments and met through that organization. Grappone explains, “In our industry, you can’t be successful going at it alone or constantly reinventing the wheel.  You need people you can trust to get the job done and to put your clients’ interests first. Michael and I are both big idea people and we are not afraid do things that are outside of the box.  We also share, I believe, a profound sense of wanting to make an impact that is bigger than what we do in our day jobs. From those common values we developed a mutual admiration and a certain level of trust so it was natural for us to help support each other’s businesses.”

Curtis adds, “I am committed to providing service, excellence, and integrity for each of my clients.  Jimmy’s goals are aligned with mine from the real estate standpoint.  When it comes to the largest transaction you could make this year, buying or selling real estate, it is imperative that as a home buyer or seller that you work with a professional that has your best interests at heart.  With Jimmy and myself, our goal is to ensure the client receives not only the best value but also the path of least resistance to what can feel like an overwhelming process.  We make real estate simple.”

Great info, but what next?

“Markets and real estate are always changing, market improvement from a mortgage rate standpoint has created a highly favorable real estate market for both buyers and sellers.” Curtis mentions.  You can connect with Jimmy Grappone, Realtor® with Costello Real Estate & Investments online at or; call 980-298-9385; or connect on social media through Facebook @jimmygrapponerealtor, Instagram @thejimmygrappone, or LinkedIn /in/jimmygrappone.  Michael Curtis, Loan Officer with Movement Mortgage, can be contacted at (704) 233-7373 ext. 27280 or

You can also keep up to date with the latest real estate trends through Grappone’s weekly column in the TriW News, “Real Estate. Made Simple.”

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