Do You Know A UCPS High School Senior?

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College Scholarship Application Open Soon

All applicants of our college scholarship create a two-minute surprise video tribute to a UCPS teacher for an opportunity to receive $1,250 toward higher education. The teacher tribute video can be honoring a current, former, or retired employee, who teaches at the elementary, middle, or high school level.

Can we hear an AMEN that this is the year to encourage a teacher?!

So even before the application opens, as a UCPS senior you can:

1) Select a teacher who has had a profound influence on you.

2) Brainstorm a creative way to pay tribute to the teacher in video format. Videos that are creative, funny, or meaningful get the attention of the judges.

3) Begin shooting your video! Make sure it is under two minutes. More video tips are listed in our application. HINT: Subtitles are highly suggested. If we can’t understand what you are saying, we can’t judge your video.

4) Keep your video a secret from your teacher.

5) Brush up your resume, have your recommendation letter ready, and get a PDF of your transcript.

Check out the Teacher Tribute playlist on our YouTube channel for examples of other vibrant videos from previous college scholarship recipients.

Applications open on January 31.

Add a reminder to your calendar. Deadline: Friday, March 5, 2021, at midnight.

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