Electric company maintains founding values

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ARC Electric Company has been around since 1976 and today works to stay true to the principles it was founded on.

The company is located in the Indian Trail area not far from Monroe at 5615 Cannon Drive.

The company offers electrical services to residential and commercial customers throughout the Charlotte region.

Accountability, Reliability and Christian values is what ARC in the company’s name stands for, Chris Harrill, who owns the business, said.

ARC Electric Company was originally started by his father, Larry Harrill in 1976. His father has since passed away, but he still works to continue the mission and work his father started, Harrill said.

“It has its challenges but it has a lot of rewards,” Harrill said when discussing operating the family-owned business.

His father, Larry Harrill, went into the electrical business shortly after high school in the 1960s. From there he worked himself up to be a master electrician and later worked for a local electric company before starting ARC Electric Company, Chris Harrill said.

Since the 1970s, business has been up and down, but today things are good and they are continuing to offer various electric services as well as new services to customers, he said.

“I believe we are stronger than ever and we’re larger than most, smaller than some,” Harrill said in reference to competing with other electrical businesses today.

He as well as ARC Electric Company staff focus on providing good service to customers. When going on calls, company employees travel in lettered vehicles featuring the company’s name, are required to wear company uniforms and be professional. Customers can find pictures and names of company staff on the business’ website, Harrill said.

“You can always see the person who is coming to your door and they have background checks,” he said.

What he enjoys the most about operating the business is being able to answer customer’s questions as well as being able to install and provide useful technology to people. He also enjoys being able to teach safety awareness when it comes to electricity. The company’s website offers a blog and other information about electrical safety and he often visits elementary schools to give talks to students about staying safe around electricity, Harrill said.

The business just became certified to perform battery backup for solar panels and Harrill looks forward to additional expansion in the future.

For more information about ARC Electric Company visit arcelectriccompany.com or call 704-821-7005.

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