Emmet’s Social Table is exactly what Waxhaw needs

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Having been opened a mere three weeks, Emmet’s Social Table is quickly becoming a local favorite for those seeking great food with a modern spin on a historical staple.  Established within Waxhaw’s old mill, Emmet’s Owners Jason and Beatrice Teller have found a way to bring new life into this prime downtown piece of real estate!

As far as the vibe, Beatrice contends, “We’ve tried to keep it down to earth and casual, but still great food.”  

The initial reaction from the community has been both excited and grateful.  “Someone approached me at a kid’s party at The Bean and Belle [Art Studio], so happy that someone has come and taken care of the mill and done something with it!  They said, ‘I can’t believe we’re sitting here in downtown Waxhaw and eating this kind of food,’” recalled Beatrice.

An appropriate reaction, considering the restaurant’s stylish vibe — something I learned first-hand when I had my inaugural visit last Saturday night. Showing up at 6:30pm, we were greeted with a bustling interior and patio, along with a not altogether surprising hour and a half wait!  We clearly weren’t as informed as the guests who proceeded us, and kindly gave the inside scoop to call ahead to put our name on the waitlist. Mental note for the future!  Fortunately, we were four married women, children at home, and eager for a night out, so a long wait just meant ensuring all the kids would be solidly fast asleep upon our return!  It didn’t hurt that Emmet’s bar space was ample, and a full offering of mixed drinks, tap beer and wine were predictably supportive in helping the time pass!

Also, easing our wait, was a fortuitous stumbling upon Jason and Beatrice, who were equally interesting, extraverted and welcoming. So much so, in fact, that by the end of our wait, I felt like part of her family, having not only met them, but also two of their children and a niece, the latter three of whom all live in the also Teller-owned mill condos, and are clearly invested in Emmet’s success.

Certainly, it can’t go without mentioning that a large part of Emmet’s success can and should be attributed to their unique and delicious menu!  Specializing in small bites and shareable plates, diners should plan for “an experience”, where you can order in waves and try a little bit of everything!  Particularly memorable for me, and apparently I’m not alone, is the Chicken ‘N’ Waffles. I’m thinking the maple and sriracha syrup maybe have something to do with it!  The BLT sliders, featuring crispy, green tomatoes, arugula with pimento cheese and a zesty sauce is also a favorite; and not to be overlooked among my party was the Poke-Stuffed Avocado, filled with sesame, soy and garlic marinated Ahi tuna!  Beatrice highly recommends the South Main Deggs – fried deviled eggs with pork belly and a hot pepper preserve, along with the Tomato Soup Shooter, which puts your classic grilled cheese and soup to shame.

So after three waves of a combined seven dishes, completed by a flight of mixed flavored Waxhaw Creamery cones, my friends and I were sufficiently stuffed and indulgently satisfied!  With ample parking, big party seating, and both date- and kid-friendly, there is really no occasion that won’t work for me to come back…and I can’t wait!

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