Empowering The Community With Tony Garshnick And Homes For Heroes

Tony Garshnick with local heroes

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WAXHAW, NC – Homes for Heroes is a nationwide network of real estate, mortgage, and business professionals dedicated to helping heroes save money during the home buying process. According to homesforheroes.com, the network has helped heroes save more than $66 million in real estate transactions. For the last three years, Atlantic Bay Senior Mortgage Planner Tony Garshnick has helped to bring this program to the many heroes living in Waxhaw and the surrounding areas.

Through this program, military, firefighters, EMS, law enforcement, healthcare professionals, and teachers receive cash savings while buying and selling homes.  They also receive lender credits to offset closing costs, home inspection savings, appraisal savings, and more. Garshnick offers his particular services at discounted rates as well. On top of these savings, Garshnick said, Homes for Heroes mails a substantial check directly to heroes after closing, when using an affiliate realtor. Beyond the usual Homes for Heroes deals, local heroes can receive nominations from community members, sponsored by Waxhaw’s local businesses at www.nominatealocalhero.com. Winners of the local hero award receive a gift basket, a plaque, and recognition at a celebratory event.

Garshnick said that the heroes that have been helped through this program have been very thankful. He noted that one beneficiary was able to purchase furniture and have their home painted with the savings, and another who was able to start an emergency fund. Garshnick said that he loves his work helping people to buy a home, but that Homes for Heroes has given it a deeper meaning. He said that he wanted to find a way to give back to those who put their life on the line for others and that homes for heroes has been instrumental in achieving that.

For more information on Homes for Heroes, or to apply for your hero rewards visit www.homesforheroeswaxhaw.com

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