Ericka L. McKnight is Running for NC House District 68

Ericka McKnight at her son's graduation from Cuthbertson HS in 2020.(Courtesy of Ericka McKnight)

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WAXHAW, NC – Ericka L. McKnight is running for NC House District 68 (covering Weddington, part of Waxhaw, Welsey Chapel, Marvin, Mineral Springs, and sections of Indian Trail) in the November 2020 election. The North Carolina House of Representatives serve a two-year term and assume office the first day of the new General Assembly in January. There are currently 120 members of the North Carolina House of Representatives and 50 members in the North Carolina Senate. McKnight registered in December of 2019 for the November 2020 ballot. Early voting in North Carolina runs from October 15 through October 31 with the election day on November 3, 2020.

Support for Ericka McKnight when she filed to run for District 68 Office
Support for Ericka McKnight when she filed to run for District 68 Office. (Courtesy of Ericka McKnight)

Many people might recognize McKnight’s name from her run for Waxhaw Mayor in 2019. Although she was unsuccessful in that attempt, she recognizes that it prepared her for this election. When asked what she is taking from that election cycle to this one, McKnight responded “My ability to connect and converse with a larger audience. Each town wants and needs are different so my goal is to do more research and spend more time with constituents. Running for Mayor gave me more insight into why people think the way they do and how every opinion matters. I will lead with great skill and compassion for all.”

“The people, family, and friends in my community [inspired her to run]. After a very competitive race for Mayor of Waxhaw in 2019, being the only female candidate running against four other men, I felt empowered to [run] again! I started in the lead with the earliest voting and first-time [voter] numbers. This is when I realized my message resonated with our community and having a woman in political office [was] possible in our community. My career thus far has always served, protected, and honored people. The well being of others has always been a priority in my life and I plan on taking this same passion to the state legislature.”

Ericka McKnight was voted one of 2020's 50 Most Influential Women
Ericka McKnight was voted one of 2020’s 50 Most Influential Women. (Courtesy of Ericka McKnight)

This passion to serve, protect, and honor has really been a priority for McKnight through the COVID-19 pandemic. McKnight has three children and she has worked with each of them and supported their decisions about what they want to do with their education. McKnight’s daughter is currently attending Appalachian State University in a mixture of online and in-person classes for a Masters in Elementary Education and a Minor in Psychology, in Appalachian State’s ACES program. Her middle son graduated from Cutherbertson High School this year as a Summa Cum Laude graduate. He chose to attend the optional graduation ceremony and McKnight supported him in that decision. He will be attending Wingate University in the fall. And McKnight’s youngest son is currently a Junior at Cutherberston H.S. and has chosen to follow UCPS’s Plan D, which is an all online-based curriculum.

Ericka McKnight posed at the Lowes in Waxhaw Girl Scout Cookie Booth. She bought some cookies and posted the pic to Facebook so everyone would know where to find cookies
Ericka McKnight posed at the Lowes in Waxhaw Girl Scout Cookie Booth. She bought some cookies and posted the pic to Facebook so everyone would know where to find cookies! (Courtesy of Ericka McKnight)

Her support of her family is the same as the support for her communities. She recognizes that everyone in the community should be able to make their own choices about how they handle the pandemic. McKnight always says to other parents “Safety First” but it is up to them to decide the best way to protect their families. Personally, McKnight is a mask wearer but recognizes that that isn’t always other people’s choices. “Mask wearing is a personal decision but they have to be responsible for the consequences of their decision.” McKnight is also very ardent about higher education. She recognizes that higher education isn’t for everyone and would like to see more focus put on trade schools and certifications as valid alternatives.

In the NC House of Representatives, McKnight will work “To be a voice for the people by my words and deeds. [I will] help to facilitate equal work for equal pay, teacher recruitment and pay raises, reduce the overcrowding of our schools, advance and improve our infrastructure, catapult our economy and the job market.”

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