Event Planning Company Looks to Establish Local Roots and Create Memorable Experiences

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Elegantly designed and meticulously planned – these are the components that take event planning from drab to fab!  And no one knows this better than industry expert Angela Skeen.  Her company, Eventfully Angela, plans and creates buzz-worthy design experiences, engaging attendees, while making those that didn’t attend, wish they had!

A ten-year veteran of corporate event planning with a large company, Skeen honed both applicable skills and an unwavering passion for her day job.  So much so that she launched Eventfully Angela in 2017, a special-interest blog, featuring event-planning tips and trends.  It wasn’t long before her blog became a real self-discovery, realizing how much she loved her line of work, but also how knowledgeable she was about her chosen field.  Subsequently, it was in March 2018, seeking a challenge, that Skeen left her corporate job to start her own event-planning business, baring the same moniker as her blog.

“I really wanted the opportunity to experience all the different sides of the events that I otherwise hadn’t had the opportunity to do.  Also, after a while, you want that challenge, for your own goals and legacy,” explains Skeen.

Eventfully Angela caters to all different company cultures, social events, and small businesses, from five attendees to over 1000.  And as Skeen explains, sometimes, it’s the events that seem small, like a corporate meeting for instance, that require just as much time, money and energy as a larger scale event.

Beyond logistics, Eventfully Angela prides itself on taking a strategic approach to event design – from achieving established objectives to decision-making.  And ultimately, while Skeen hopes attendees will remember the event itself, she’s also hoping they will remember the brand.

For Skeen, she’s beyond excited for this new challenge.  “I love the different businesses I get introduced to, the different people…to be part of their wonderful moments and memories.”  For more information or to plan the perfect event, visit her webpage at https://eventfullyangela.com.

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