Eventfully Angela Brings it With a Premium Name and Reputation In Event Planning

Angela Skeen

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“To put it simply, we elevate brands, engage attendees, and make those that didn’t attend, wish they had.”

When planning an important event, if that’s not the tagline of the person you choose to organize it, than you’d probably wish it had been.

A leading name in the Charlotte metro party and event scene, Eventfully Angela isn’t hyperbolizing when it describes itself in this manner.  The successful and exclusive company has become among the gold standard in social happenings.  With cutting edge trends and classic style equal parts of it’s modus operandi, Eventfully Angela brings a game that can’t be beat in the event planning space.

The impressive resume of Eventfully Angela’s founder, Angela Skeen, is the key to the company’s ability to provide such quality events with such strategic budgeting. Skeen has over a decade of experiences in designing, organizing and executing global events for the 40,000+ employee company, Ingersoll Rand, where she held the Sr. Meeting Planner position.  Her background in marketing, coupled with event planning was what made Angela such a success while with the firm.

On the company website, Eventfully Angela describes their founder as “Award-winning”, and “possess[ing] her Certified Meeting Professional Certification (CMP), a credential recognized globally as the badge of excellence in the event industry.”  As well as “her Certificate in Meeting Management (CMM), an MBA-level executive education program for proficient meeting professionals with management experience.”  Bringing an uniquely qualified foundation and education to her job, Angela first became known outside of Ingersoll Rand when she launched into the blogosphere in 2017.

With a thunderous reception, Skeen was able to parley her blog’s  popularity into a fully independent LLC. of the same name, Eventfully Angela.  Luckily, branding is one of the things Angela does best- and self branding genius has taken her to the next level. She can now be found in magazines, podcasts, newspapers, and other critical reviews and awards sections of several media outlets.  In 2018, she was chosen as one of the “100 Women Who Inspire Us”, by Meeting Magazine– a leading publication in her field.

One of the focal strategies to creating and maintaining excellent outcomes in all Eventfully Angela does is their step-by-step formula for getting to know their customers as individuals and then bringing their desires to life.  Skeen describes this process, “Our model works best when we become more than the “hired help.” We are your strategic meeting [and] event planning partner, bringing the most current, innovative, and professional market expertise.”  Personalized attention to the client’s detailed wants and needs is the brick and mortar of Eventfully Angela’s approach.  Combining that dedication with industry-leading credentials sets Eventfully Angela up as a ground-breaker in the industry of event design and execution.

For an expansive view of Eventfully Angela’s work, as well as even more information about Angela herself and her company, visit the LLC’s website at EventfullyAngela.com.  The site offers a comprehensive breakdown of all the multifaceted complexities of event planning, and explains why someone with the experience and know-how of Angela can be so crucial to social and professional happenings both large and small.

You can reach Eventfully Angela at 704-754-2627.

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